I never claimed to be a nice girl

Today, we (meaning my sock account and a friend) woke up to being blocked by the ex best friend. There, we saw a new profile pic, captioned with a heart, of him standing by a girl who looks like she smells like a dumpster.

Now, I don’t know this girl, nor do I care to get to know her, but honey if you only knew. If you want to, message me. I have screen caps you should see.

So, I lied. I said I wouldn’t speak ill of him, but it’s a given now. Only a coward pulls this type of stunt. You said many times you weren’t a coward. You said many times that you’d never put girls before friends, or do half of the shit you’ve done. I’ve sent messages that get ignored, a letter, that knowing the postal service, hasn’t arrived, but you ignore it. Let me tell you how simple this could have been, but you chose to complicate it.

Going on vacation to see a girl? Tell me. Be honest. Know what I would have said?

“Oh cool, well have fun! We can talk when you get back!”

Or did she feel threatened by me so she made you block me? If that’s the case, I laugh. You are such a coward! Even if this is all your doing, you are still a coward.

Our friendship is over. There is no saving it. There’s nothing that you could do or say to fix this, even if you wanted to, but you don’t. I wish you a happy life, but you don’t have a job, and you live in barely a second world country where jobs aren’t paying well.

Love is more important than money, right? Haha! Only young people say that, because mature people realize bills have to be paid, and if you can’t pay those bills, ain’t nobody happy.

Tommy and Gina may not have backed down, but I promise you they separated in 1997 when Tommy didn’t have another six  string he could pawn. Gina went back home to her mom, and Tommy is probably an alcoholic. (Bon Jovi reference kids. You may not get it. Hell, people my age may not get it)

So Janko,

You ruined this and you don’t even care. Because of that, from this day on, I will no longer think of you, but because of what you did, I’m sure I’ll cross your mind a few times, especially when you are at your lowest points in life, and nobody is there for you, and you need help– I would have been there for you, you know that, but when you are in need, you’ll think of me, and I won’t be there. I’ll cross your mind, and you’ll think, “shit. I need a quick buck. She would have helped me. .”

Lesson of the day kids: cowards,gold diggers. .. they’re the worst types of people. Don’t waste your time on them. Carefully analyze people, so you can recognize them before you let them close to you.

I’ll be back at work full time tomorrow. Yeah, ex best friend, I have a job and a life. Maybe you  will too someday !

May God have mercy on you, even though you’re an atheist. He will. I’m sure of that.

See you in the funny pages!


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