Financial con man(We all know who I am pointing the finger at. Apparently that’s a sign of being a sociopath. Wow. Dodged a bullet, I’d say.)

The sociopath as the financial con man! Sociopaths are opportunists, and will cease an opportunity whenever they get the chance. If their motive from you is money, when they meet you, they will try…

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Independence Day!

No, not the movie, and I haven’t seen the new one yet, but I plan on it! I don’t care how “bad” people thought the first one was, I loved it. Besides, anybody who says they always hated it, is a lying hipster. Everybody loved that movie when it came out. It was entertaining. I feel the same way about people who claimed they hated “Titanic.” You loved it. You know you did.

In other news, my new book, “The Black Summer Rain: After Midnight,” is so close to being completely finished and out, only I had a couple of setbacks. One is having to change the nationality of a character in the book. It’s a toss up between Bulgarian and Croatian, however I am not sure which country has the more “bad ass” special forces. I’ve read Croatian is pretty bad ass. Alongside changing a nationality, I had to get some extra information on certain types of bombs. Surely by the title alone you can figure out what this book is about.

Speaking of bad ass special forces, I just learned about the Danish Huntsmen. Have you seen these guys? The attire alone is enough to convey, “Don’t fuck with us.” Seriously Denmark, I may have underestimated you, especially when I said the only great thing to come out of the country was Aqua. If you don’t know who Aqua is, consider yourself lucky, but I guarantee you know the song, “barbie girl” (it’s so bad, I can’t even give it capital letters).

Speaking of Denmark, I will probably visit that country within the next few months. I have an interest in all things ancient, and really must visit the museum to see the Egtved (did I spell that right?) girl. Look her up if you haven’t heard of her, but don’t rely on my spelling of the word.

I mentioned it was Independence Day weekend, and I must convey the conversation I had with an Indian (from India, not Native American) friend. I had to give him a call tonight, just to wake him up to make certain he didn’t miss his bus back home (he’s currently in India) and just as I got on the phone, fireworks started going off at the neighbors house. He said, “Woah, what the fuck was that?” I replied, “Oh, fireworks. It’s Independence Day weekend.” He chuckled and said, “Well, it is America. I assumed you had a crazy gun man going down the street.”

Thank you for the laugh, Sumit.

Anyways, in other news, “Subject Alpha” is once again free for the weekend, so grab it if you haven’t had the chance to read it yet, and would like to get wrapped up in a sappy romance. A couple of reviews have stated it isn’t that sappy, but in my eyes it is. I am my own worst critic.

Have a happy Independence Day, and try not to blow your hands off with the fireworks.

Unless you live in Illinois. You get poppers and smoke bombs.