Update on the DEA’s war on kratom

I believe we are getting somewhere. I have more hope now than I did when this first started. We now have two reps who have started a “Dear Colleague Letter” asking the DEA to extend the date on their ban for kratom.

Here’s what you need to do:

To keep kratom legal, please call your Congressmen TODAY or tomorrow (Thursday, September 22nd) at the very latest!!

This is what we all must do on Wednesday and Thursday

1) Find your representative with your zip code –

2) Call (202) 224-3121 and ask to be connected to your Congressman’s office

3) Say –
Hi, my name is [your name] from [your state].

I would like you to pass the message on to [Your Congressman] that I would like him/her to sign on to the “Pocan/Salmon Dear Colleague Letter”.

I use Kratom for [whatever you use it for] and it’s safe. It’s not a recreational drug. Hundreds of thousands of Americans do too. Research needs to be done before this natural herb is banned. Please have him/her sign the “Pocan/Salmon” Dear Colleague letter.

The more reps we get to sign on this letter, the better chance we have to stop the DEA.

Make sure you keep sending your emails to your congressmen, and the DEA.

DEA spokesman Melvin Patterson stated that the backlash against them was completely unexpected and that they do hear us, and they want us to have it as medicine– which if that were true I would expect them to just shred their impending ban and say “Okay, nevermind.” Could someone explain to me why they cannot just say “Alright, we won’t ban it?”

Keep your chins up, keep praying and keep sending those letters. We can win this fight with some real action and luck. Don’t let them bully Americans anymore. The war on drugs is a massive failure. Prohibition has never worked. We saw this with alcohol. We still see it with various other things that get made a schedule 1. Heroin, marijuana, cocaine– all schedule one, yet people still get it. The thing is DEA, if you ban kratom, people will still get it. They will just move it underground, and you will have lost all the tax revenue that you were getting for it when people could buy it legally.

I think it’s time to abolish the DEA and the FDA (who have had it out for kratom for years) because they have gotten a bit too big for their pants and they’re pretty much unconstitutional agencies. The constitution says that only congress can make laws, yet you’ll find on the DEA website that congress has allocated certain lawmaking powers to them.  That’s not anywhere in the constitution, now is it?

I want to apologize to my gun lover friends. Now I understand what you are going through. KEEP FIGHTING!