Wrestling imitating life.

Sit down kiddies! Let auntie Jasmina (yes. That’s what the J stands for) tell you a story.
A few years ago in the wrestling world, we had an amazing faction known as THE SHIELD. Their names were Seth Rollins, also known as the architect, Dean Ambrose, affectionately known as the Lunatic Fringe, and Roman Reigns, also known as. … Roman Reigns. I think he was also known as the juggernaut, but that’s silly.
These men were close. They did everything together. When a roving band of redneck cultists came through, they slaughtered them (for about two weeks, then wwe decided to nix that story line). They fought for justice. They were called the hounds of justice and didn’t quite fit into the lawful good category. When someone was wronged, they retaliated.
Then one day, a man known as the boss came in, and spoke to Rollins, tampering his mind into thinking it would be better if he joined them, aka the authority.
One night, the brothers stood before the authority, ready to defend themselves, but then Rollins took a chair, and hit his own brother on the back. Reigns hit the floor, and Ambrose turned to face Rollins, a look of shock and despair on his face. He couldn’t believe it. Was he crazy, or was he really being betrayed.. for money? In one quick moment, Ambrose went to defend himself and Reigns, but Rollins, a clever architect of manipulation, hit him with the chair. Ambrose hit the floor, and tried to get up, but Rollins didn’t stop. He repeatedly brought the chair down on his former brothers back, until the chair broke, but that wasn’t enough. He grabbed another chair, and continued his assault on Ambrose.
The ring was a murder scene, as Rollins with his smarmy grin, raised his hands in victory and walked off with his new friend. In the days that followed, Rollins (that’s you J with a hard Juh sound) had to watch his back. Ambrose (that’s me) was lurking around every corner, and launched a vicious assault, physically and verbally whenever they neared each other. Ambrose was king of psychological warfare, and finally the day came where Rollins was on the receiving end of what he had coming to him for his betrayal. Reigns (Jay?) and Ambrose applauded each other, satisfied that Rollins had learned his lesson.
Ambrose went on to face bigger fish, and Reigns became champion, what Rollins once was, but will never be again any time soon, due to his ACL being torn.
All y’all say wrestling is stupid, but admit it, this was entertaining and so relevant to my life.