Freedom of the Press

Just because I voted for Trump over Clinton does not mean I refuse to acknowledge when the man is wrong. I wasn’t even a Trump supporter. I just chose him over Clinton.

I can admit when the person I voted for has seriously fucked up.

And Trump is doing some serious fucking up.

For starters, I have HEARD (this is hearsay) that ICE is going door to door in some cities, looking for illegals. In doing so, they are knocking on the doors of legal citizens and asking who lives there, etc.

This is a direct violation of the fourth amendment. We are *supposed* to be protected from unlawful searches and seizures (although ask anybody who has dealt with the police before and they’ll tell you that they don’t really care about the fourth amendment either) and any official (yes, even CPS) that knocks on your door asking for ID’s, information and to look around without probable cause is directly violating it.

Now onto Trump banning CNN.

I hate CNN. They’re a horrible news organization, and they are part of the reason so many didn’t take election night seriously. They are the reason everybody thought Clinton was sure to win. They didn’t investigate. They didn’t accurately poll and ask the public’s opinions. They created their own narrative, that she was winning, that she would win. However, we have a little thing called freedom of the press, and the only reason he does not want them there is because they basically make him look bad. Which I have said about all presidents, if you aren’t doing anything bad, why not speak to the press? As much as CNN sucks, they have as much right to be there as Fox News, or even slate. So again here, is a direct violation of the constitution.
This is twice that he has purposely and willingly ignored America’s constitutional rights, and that is not cool at all.

This among other things, is leading me to make the call now.

He will last two years max.

Within two to three years, you will see President Pence.

Mark my words.

I tried giving him a chance. I tried giving him the benefit of the doubt, that maybe he could be a good president, but he has definitely shown otherwise.

And I am adult enough to admit when I may have made a mistake in my choices. Not that Clinton would be any better.

Pence will though.

If Trump lasts a full term, it will shock me.


Jail reform

This past weekend a person I knew was picked up on a failure to appear (ever forget? Happened to them) and a DUI. Strangely enough, the person had not drunk enough to go over the limit, and a “careless driving” charge was tacked on as well. A cop friend of mine said that “careless driving” is one big catchall. If the cop saw you swerve without crossing the lines, he could tack that charge on without a problem.

This person was not informed of what their BAC was at any point, and it was claimed they “totally bombed” the field sobriety test. The person told me that yes, they did stumble, but it was more the result of being up for over 24 hours, and arthritis. The cop also said that he declined an attorney when I know he didn’t. The person said they were never offered one. I fully believe this. Because of my cop paranoia, I have rubbed off on everyone and if ever something happens that results in them going to jail, they most certainly would not decline an attorney.

Yes, we plan on fighting this, but that’s not what this is about. This post is about the conditions at the local jail.

I was there for two weekends last year and while I was not there long enough to see anything major, I can share stories from girls who had been there a while.

First up, in the three days I was in that holding cell, I was not allowed soap or toothpaste. This is not good, especially when at any given point, we had up to seventeen girls in a cell designed for four. Every one of us would use the same toilet and fountain, and nobody had any soap to wash their hands with after using said toilet. Is it any surprise that I came out with MRSA? (I tried to do something about getting MRSA, but I was met with, “You shouldn’t have gone to jail. It’s jail, not the Hilton!” These people failed to realize that if I catch MRSA in jail, I’ll wind up spreading it once I got out, yet the jailers did not care that inmates were getting MRSA.)

I was told stories by some of the girls who had been there before, and one of these stories was about an older woman. Nobody could remember what the woman was in for, and it doesn’t matter really. She was an insulin dependant diabetic, and down there in this county jail, you won’t get insulin. You’ll get metformin and that’s it. It doesn’t matter how bad your diabetes is, the metformin better work, or you’ll be screwed and according to the jailers, it’s your own fault.

One day this woman wasn’t feeling well, and she had vocalized it to the other inmates. Then she went to the toilet, came out and collapsed on the ground. The inmates rushed to her to try and help, but when they realized they could do nothing, began banging on the doors, trying to get somebody’s attention. Over fifteen minutes passed before a jailer even walked by, but he didn’t stop. He just glanced in and kept walking. Finally, a jailer came down, most likely to punish for the inmates making noise, and opened the door. When they showed her the girl on the ground, the CO went up to her, kicked her in the side and shouted, “GET UP.” The inmates tried explaining that the woman was a diabetic and needed to go to the hospital, but instead, this officer slapped the woman across the face in an attempt to get her to stop faking it (they always think you’re faking it). Finally, after fifteen minutes of no response, the jailer mumbled, “well I guess I better go get someone” (acting like it had just ruined her day) and she left. By the time an ambulance arrived, over an hour had passed. This woman is lucky to be alive today.

Then there was the story I just recently heard from my friend.

While he was in there, an asthmatic began having trouble breathing. If you think the jail will just give you an inhaler, you’ve got another thing coming. Sometimes, they won’t let you bring in your inhalers. Why? Well, it’s jail. Not the Hilton. You better not have any trouble breathing in there because you won’t get help.

This man collapsed to the floor, and the inmates did what they could as one inmate ran to his bunk to get his inhaler that he somehow got in. I don’t know how he got it in, but good job sir. The inmate returned with his inhaler and they worked together, someone checking pulse, another doing what he could to get the fallen inmate to inhale the inhaler (that sounds weird). Eventually, the man was able to breathe again. Imagine if you will, what would have happened if nobody had an inhaler snuck in.

Then there was the man with a “spider bite.” It was swollen quite a bit and looked like it was filled with something. To top it off, there were red streaks going up his arm. This is a sign that you need a doctor, right then. No fucking around.

Instead, corrections officers squeezed the bump until pus flew out, gave him a band-aid and sent him back to his cell. The next day, his entire arm was swollen, and the red streaks were even more prominent. After arguing with their “nurse” (I fully believe jail nurses are working in jails for a reason. If they were any good, they’d be in a hospital setting or a doctor’s office. There is a reason for this, and this is not an insult on nurses.) who wanted to squeeze it again, they finally took him to the ER. While in the ER, the doctor lanced it in a professional setting and proclaimed that it was MRSA as pus flew out. Of course, this man was prescribed medicine that he would not receive while in jail.

As far as prescribed medications in jail, the person I know has several conditions and is on twelve different medicines. While he was in there, he was not given any of his pills. They wouldn’t even allow us to bring them down for him. A couple of his conditions has disasterous results if you abruptly stop taking them, like an SSRI or an Anti-psychotic. That and the nurse argued with him over an anti-seizure medication being given for migraines. “But this is for seizures! Do you have epilepsy?” when he said no, it was for migraines, along with the beta blocker he was on, she continued arguing that the medicines were being used wrong. Basically it was foreshadowing. He didn’t have epilepsy, therefore, in her eyes, he didn’t need that pill. He didn’t have high blood pressure, so he didn’t need the beta-blocker. She was an idiot.  The person I knew went four days without his SSRI for depression, and another pill, I don’t remember what, that you are to be weaned off of. Not abruptly stop.

I get a lot of you like to say “Welp, don’t go to jail. I’m a law abidin’ citizen!”

Hah, no you aren’t. Do you speed? Do you forget to use your blinker? Do you jaywalk? Do you stream movies for free? Ever downloaded a song without paying? Ever taken a medication that was prescribed to someone else because it was an emergency for you?

You’re a criminal too. You aren’t any better.

I have touched on jail reform many times, but nobody listens. Half of the people in county jails are in there on petty or victimless crimes. A majority are in there for marijuana. They aren’t bad people, in fact, some of the nicest most caring people I’ve met were inmates in jail. I trust those inmates more than the CO’s. Mind you, not all CO’s are bad. When I was in, a woman tried to sneak me some pens and paper so I could work while in there, as well as some toothpaste and a small toothbrush so I didn’t have to go THREE DAYS without brushing my teeth (weekenders don’t get commissary. They also don’t get toothbrushes or toothpaste.). She did manage to sneak me the dental items, and when she did, she said, “you make sure to keep this hidden. Before you get out, flush it. Yes, the toilet can handle it. I could lose my job because of this.”

I did as she asked.

The real issue is the MRSA. You can sit there all smug thinking, “it’s jail. It’s a bunch of criminals. Who cares what happens to them (even though you’re a criminal too)?” all you want, but you fail to realize, the majority of inmates will get out. They will wind up touching the same things you touch, sneezing in the same area you walk through and you, Mr. I’m a law abidin’ citizen, you will be exposed to it and could possibly get it. MRSA has no real cure. If you or your child ever get MRSA and you can’t figure out how, remember this blog post. Realize that a former inmate, trying to get his life together, probably went through where you went through. Maybe then you’ll start petitioning for some type of jail reform.

I told you so (Trump Victory)

I have been saying for several weeks now that Trump would win, and that the election would be very close. I never strayed from those words, even when people condescendingly patted my head and said, “Uhm, no honey. Clinton is going to win in a landslide. All the polls, and projections show this. Sorry, this will be the first time you’re wrong.”

For those that don’t know, I began “predicting” winners since 1992 (I was nine), and I have never been wrong. I’ve also never been wrong on how the election plays out. Back in 1992 I said Clinton would get it and it wouldn’t be close. In 1996 I said Clinton would get it easily. In 2000 I said Bush would get it but it would be very close. Even when people were trying to say Gore was winning, I stuck to my guns and said that he wouldn’t. Finally, after the recounts, Bush prevailed. In 2004, I voted Kerry, knowing he would lose. In 2008, I called Obama. In 2012 I called Obama, but I said it would be close. That was one of the first times I felt I could be wrong.

I only slightly felt that through this election.

Now that Donald Trump has secured the election, mainstream media like CNN, and plenty of the public have found themselves going, “What went wrong?” They all had Clinton projected to win with very high certainties. What went wrong you ask? Do you really want to know?


Clinton was so certain she would win. Her campaign, the DNC, all so certain it would be a landslide that she didn’t really go much into her policy, and when she did, the woman was so corrupt, you couldn’t tell if that’s what her platform was. She flip-flopped numerous times, but they were CERTAIN she would win. That’s where you went wrong. When you get that cocky over anything, you are bound to lose.

Where else did you go wrong? The disenchanted, former democrats were not about to fall in line after you so openly stole the primary from the candidate everybody loved, and so many wanted. Truth be told, Sanders could have beaten Trump. Even some people on MSNBC (the station besides CNN, that deep throats the Clinton campaigns penis so much that I felt it necessary to remind them to swallow.) mentioned that Sanders could have done it.

Her hubris, even after the emails came out about how they acted against Sanders, was enough to do her in.

Basically, I TOLD YOU SO.

Now you will have four years of Trump, but I ask this of you. Give the man a chance. No, I’m not happy with it, and yes I voted for him, but I must remind you I live in Illinois, they handed that state to Clinton before votes were even counted. I could have shit on the ballot and it would have come out the same way.  There isn’t a thing you can do now, except try to give the man a chance, stay active in politics to ensure your senators don’t do anything stupid because we have a republican controlled house and senate now. Basically, The GOP runs all branches of the government. That I did not see coming.

Also, you’re not moving to Canada. Stop flapping your lips. Half of you saying that still live with your parents. If you can’t move out of there, you certainly won’t make it to Canada.

Congrats Trump, and let this be a reminder to future nominees, Hubris can be very powerful, and if you let it get too big, you are doomed to fail.

The election is three days away

Throughout most of my adult life, I have always known who I would vote for well before election day arrived.

I have also always without fail voted straight democrat. My first presidential election was in 2004 (I turned 18 in 2001. There was no election that year.) and I voted Kerry, who had the personality of a wet dishrag, but he was the democrat that got the nomination, so considering my views have always aligned with that party, I voted for him.

I voted for Obama twice in 2008 and 2012. I have no regrets over that. I feel Obama has been *adequate*. He’s not been the miracle we had hoped he would be in 2008, but overall he was adequate.

Now 2016 is here, and if you had asked me months ago when this all started, I would have told you this: “There is no way Donald Trump will win the nomination. Most likely it will be Ted Cruz on the republican ticket. As far as democrats? Definitely Sanders.” He was like a raging wildfire. He was popular. Everybody was on his side.

Then somehow Clinton kept winning. Ya know, I didn’t know anybody personally who was  voting for her in the primary? I know A LOT of people. None of them said, “oh I like Clinton better than Sanders!” Nobody. They all hated Clinton. They all voted Sanders in the primaries.

Then Clinton got the nomination, leaving many like me confused. Then the emails came out, and it showed the DNC did not treat Sanders fairly, and actively tried to rig it all in favor of Clinton, whom NOBODY liked.

Now the democrat party is tearing in two. The republican party is destroyed and our nominees are the two candidates nobody really wanted.

Hilary Clinton vs Donald Trump.

Kill me.

Finally, three days before the election, I have finally figured out who I will vote for. I was supporting Johnson for a while, and I still do, but right now he has no way to win, and he went a little loony tunes on me. Maybe next year Johnson, but I cannot support you right now. I have to cast my vote for the lesser of two evils to ensure a very dangerous candidate does not win the position of “most powerful person on the planet.”

The lesser of two evils to me is somebody who will be a lame duck throughout the presidency, unable to get things done due to not having congressional support because most of congress cannot stand him. With that information alone, you should be able to figure out who I am voting for. If you can’t, sorry. I don’t have to tell you, and I don’t have to explain myself. Just know that I will require an antiemetic before walking into the polling station, so I don’t throw up before I vote.

I keep thinking back to the last time I actually talked to a certain person. The last thing they heard me say was “I’ll vote for anybody but Trump.”

God, if you could see me now. You’d be surprised, and I am sorry.


Election season drama in America.

Oh my God, I bloody hate presidential election years. It brings out the most intolerant, and hateful people, and shockingly, I’m talking about the Liberals and Clinton supporters.

Firstly, a nice reminder for you: I do not usually speak politics. I will not go into my personal views (aside from who I may or may not vote for, but don’t expect my reasons why) and I do not debate politics. So, if you feel the need to leave a hateful comment, just know it will go unread and ignored.)

It boggles my mind that out of all the people qualified to run for president in America, we managed to say, “hey, these two are our best choices right now.”

Actually, we didn’t say that. There was that little bit of a DNC scandal that kind of just shoved a candidate into our faces, even though we wanted the other one. That’s right, I was a Sanders girl. I still am, even though I am disappointed at how he flip flopped on Clinton. First, he said she wasn’t qualified, now he is saying we have to unite and vote for her because “do you want Trump in office?”

That is the only reason to vote for her that I get from her supporters. I have yet to hear a reason why I should vote for her aside from, “but do you want Trump as president?” I have asked several times and they always list why Trump is bad, and why I shouldn’t vote for him, therefore I have to vote for Clinton.

No, I absolutely do not. Don’t give me that lesser of two evils business either, because if you really wanted me to vote the lesser of two evils, I’d have to vote Trump. I know I just got a load of confused people girding up their loins to leave poorly written comments on why I’m so “stupid” and they just “can’t even.”

Hear me out, and get ready for a nice lesson in politics.

Trump is the lesser of two evils for a few reasons. Firstly, the majority of congress hates him. Seriously, democrats and republicans alike can’t stand the guy, and I’m not sure if you are aware but when a president wants to do something he has to have congressional support. Presidents cannot write laws, that is delegated to congress, so you people saying, “Trump will make it a law to kill all the gays/Muslims/women, etc” are horribly in the wrong. That is, and I am sorry to say, just a scare tactic Clinton supporters like to use to get people to vote for her.  If Trump wanted to make that a law, he would have to get Congress to support his idea, and they would have to write it. Sure, he could try to do an executive order, but even then congress and the supreme court have some says, and it wouldn’t ever fly. Basically, what I am saying is that if Trump were in office, he would be a lame duck for four years, and we wouldn’t be any worse off in four years than we are now. We would most likely be in the exact same boat. I can’t say the same for Clinton. Combine that with this whole seemingly new cold war with Russia, and she could be pretty dangerous. She’s done a lot of wrong, and we have proof that she lies (what politician doesn’t though, amirite?) and is really into “rigging” stuff. 🙂

Now, another point of mine is that I am not voting for either. Right now, I am flip flopping between Johnson and Stein. Do they have a chance of winning? Not really. Is it a wasted vote? Nope, because this is MY vote. In this country I am allowed to vote for the person I see fit, regardless of whether they have a chance of winning. It isn’t wasted in my eyes, so I will more than gladly vote third party for the first time in my life. However, the real kicker of all of this is I have NEVER once been shamed by a Trump supporter for going third party. Never. All they say is, “well, you vote for who you think would be best. They aren’t going to win, but if that’s what you want to do, go for it.”

I don’t get that from Clinton supporters.  I get, “Dude, a vote for X is a vote for Trump! Do you want Trump in office? How stupid can you be? Have you even looked at their policies? It just boggles my mind that ANYBODY could be so stupid and support them when it’s clear Clinton is the right choice! I swear some people shouldn’t be allowed to vote!”

For the record, I copied and pasted that from a reply to one of my comments on facebook. This person is supposed to be a “friend” of mine. Then again, this is the same person who went on a blocking spree with any Trump supporters on his friend’s list. You keep on sitting in that echo chamber, buddy.

You know how many Trump supporters have blocked me for supporting Sanders “Evil socialist! He is a socialist! He’s a commie! How can you as an AMERICAN support that?” (Another copy paste job). Take a guess how many?


He had made a status (and I see so many of these. If you have ever posted anything like this, I question your intelligence) that said, “If anybody supports that SOCIALIST Sanders, UNFRIEND ME NOW!”

Do it yourself, you stupid cock. Yes, I did say that to him, and he promptly unfriended and blocked me. Really, if you have ever blocked anybody, or stopped talking to someone because they supported a different candidate than you, you’re kind of pathetic. There will always be people who think differently than you. That’s called life. It’s also called being intolerant (looking at both liberals and conservatives here. Yeah, Liberals have gotten pretty damn intolerant. That’s a reason I left the party!)

It’s just insanely dramatic and the fact that there are people out there willing to toss life long friends out of their lives because they don’t support the same candidate is ridiculous. I used to be like that, but I hit thirty and realized I was acting like a big crybaby who needed her safe space echo chamber in order to have conversations.

I don’t want to be like that. If you’re cool, I’ll be your friend.

If you’re an intolerant asshole, then I don’t want to talk to you.  That goes for both sides, and I’m sorry to be the one to tell you liberals/progressives, but you have become far more intolerant than the right could ever be.

And this is coming from a lifelong progressive.

Updates and more updates!

To start with, if you have been following the news on the impending kratom ban by the DEA, you will already know that it has been postponed for a while, due to many congressmen submitting Dear Colleague Letters that expressed their concern, and the public outcry that the DEA was on the receiving end of. According to the DEA, they are preparing to open the topic up for a “modified” public comment session. This doesn’t mean we have won. It does mean that our voices are being heard.

Unfortunately, several congressmen (the ones that didn’t sign) have sent letters to their constituents filled with misinformation and DEA ass kissing. It is very clear that they have done no research and are only parroting DEA talking points.

One of these, in particular, is Diane Feinstein, a democrat from California. Thankfully, she is not my congressman. One of mine, I actually spoke to personally, and he did listen to my concerns and wound up signing the letter. Thank you, Mark Kirk. As of now, you have my vote.

But Back to Miss Feinstein.

Several people called her expressing their concerns, and you know what she did? She started having her interns pass along the message of, “Miss Feinstein agrees with the DEA that kratom is an immediate public health threat, and agrees on it being placed on the schedule one list. She is no longer receiving messages on this topic. Thank you for calling!”

For real, Miss Feinstein? You didn’t even attempt to listen. You showed a severe disdain for your own constituents who YOU REPRESENT. I promise you, Californians will remember this come election day, and most likely, you will have lost a lot of voters. Perhaps it is time for you to go home, and stop being in politics. Politics is listening to your constituents, and unfortunately, a lot have  forgotten that. No worries, Miss Feinstein. You are in good company with my other senator, Dick Durbin, who I have yet to hear anything from, and no he didn’t sign the letter. Funny, you’re democrats, and you claim to be all for the people, but you have shown us otherwise.

I do wholeheartedly thank the other senators and reps who listened and signed the letter, particularly Pocan and Salmon, who started the snowball that has been rolling ever since.

If you ask me, I think it is time we abolish the DEA and the FDA. These organizations do nothing but nanny adults who can make their own choices, and who can accept responsibility for the things they do. An example would be raw milk. The FDA demands nobody touch it, nobody sell it, but you know what? We are all aware of the dangers of it, and if we still wish to drink it, that is entirely up to us, NOT YOU. The FDA has had their eye on kratom for quite some time and speaking of, the DEA tried telling a few of us that they weren’t responsible for the ban, that it was the FDA and we should call them. Nice way to show your sheer incompetence. What I don’t understand is that alcohol is far more deadly than kratom could ever dream of being. It kills thousands of people directly, and indirectly. It causes numerous health problems, but the DEA and FDA seem to have no issues with what alcohol does, yet when it comes to kratom, they wave those fifteen related deaths in ten years like it’s a huge deal, like it’s the most deadly thing in the country (but they don’t tell you that 14 of those had other medications or alcohol in their system as well, and the other one, look that up yourself.) at the moment. I do feel we have the chance of winning, though.

In other news, I saw a movie! I never go to the theater, but I did two weeks ago, and I saw the new Blair Witch! I won’t put any spoilers in here, but for the first hour, I thought the Blair witch was a dinosaur. A better title for it would have been “Blair Witch Boo: Book of Jumpscares.” They were so cheap and laughable, and it was awful. I rate it 2 out of 5, ONLY because the last thirty minutes were fairly intense, even though the movie wasn’t clever enough to go the direction I thought it would go. *ugh*

Lastly, in two weeks, my next book, “The Second Fate,” will be available on amazon! If you’re interested in a twist on Greek Gods, cowboys and time travel, keep my book in mind! I’ll have more information on it the closer it gets to time for its release!

Until then, don’t forget that “Subject Alpha” is still available on amazon for only 99 cents. You can find it by clicking this nice link I put here for you. 🙂

Until we speak again, keep your heads up, chins up and keep fighting!

Update on the DEA’s war on kratom

I believe we are getting somewhere. I have more hope now than I did when this first started. We now have two reps who have started a “Dear Colleague Letter” asking the DEA to extend the date on their ban for kratom.

Here’s what you need to do:

To keep kratom legal, please call your Congressmen TODAY or tomorrow (Thursday, September 22nd) at the very latest!!

This is what we all must do on Wednesday and Thursday

1) Find your representative with your zip code –

2) Call (202) 224-3121 and ask to be connected to your Congressman’s office

3) Say –
Hi, my name is [your name] from [your state].

I would like you to pass the message on to [Your Congressman] that I would like him/her to sign on to the “Pocan/Salmon Dear Colleague Letter”.

I use Kratom for [whatever you use it for] and it’s safe. It’s not a recreational drug. Hundreds of thousands of Americans do too. Research needs to be done before this natural herb is banned. Please have him/her sign the “Pocan/Salmon” Dear Colleague letter.

The more reps we get to sign on this letter, the better chance we have to stop the DEA.

Make sure you keep sending your emails to your congressmen, and the DEA.

DEA spokesman Melvin Patterson stated that the backlash against them was completely unexpected and that they do hear us, and they want us to have it as medicine– which if that were true I would expect them to just shred their impending ban and say “Okay, nevermind.” Could someone explain to me why they cannot just say “Alright, we won’t ban it?”

Keep your chins up, keep praying and keep sending those letters. We can win this fight with some real action and luck. Don’t let them bully Americans anymore. The war on drugs is a massive failure. Prohibition has never worked. We saw this with alcohol. We still see it with various other things that get made a schedule 1. Heroin, marijuana, cocaine– all schedule one, yet people still get it. The thing is DEA, if you ban kratom, people will still get it. They will just move it underground, and you will have lost all the tax revenue that you were getting for it when people could buy it legally.

I think it’s time to abolish the DEA and the FDA (who have had it out for kratom for years) because they have gotten a bit too big for their pants and they’re pretty much unconstitutional agencies. The constitution says that only congress can make laws, yet you’ll find on the DEA website that congress has allocated certain lawmaking powers to them.  That’s not anywhere in the constitution, now is it?

I want to apologize to my gun lover friends. Now I understand what you are going through. KEEP FIGHTING!