I should have been a cowboy

Yesterday saw an interesting development. Let me set the stage! About a week ago, my neighbor came to me, to discuss my son being mean to her kids. Firstly, my son has had a bad two weeks, as he was blocked by my friend too. The poor kid really looked up to the guy, and now my son is going to be like his mother with abandonment issues. Oh goody! (April 1st is coming.. . Cross your fingers we hear from him)

Now, normally I would chide my son. Don’t be a jerk, however these kids of hers aren’t angels either. Kids are some of the meanest things to exist. So, she’s talking to me at my door, and I’m responding like I usually do to people I don’t know-short answers, mostly the word, “okay.”

Later on, I found out she called my kid an asshole. Really?  You’re a grown adult. You haven’t any business calling any child an asshole. So, I wasn’t to pleased with her, and I told my kid not to be mean. Case closed, right?

Not exactly. Yesterday, a neighborhood boy pushed her kid, and his bike over, so my son did the right thing, because he saw it all, and went to tell her with two other kids.

The next thing I know, my kid comes home, looking very upset. I try asking and he said something about this mother saying she didn’t like him. However, later her child came over, and explained. Its not my son. It’s me! She told my child that she didn’t like me, while my son was telling her that some boy knocked her kid on his ass.

Why doesn’t she like me, you may ask? Its not that I’m kind of anti social with people I don’t know. It’s not that I jump to conclusions or am slightly crazy like every woman on the planet, oh no, that’s not it.

Its because I am always on my phone, or laptop.

Are you waiting for another reason? Well, you won’t get one, because that’s the reason. Apparently, making ends meet by working like I do, which requires phones, and laptops (new book coming soon) you’re going to spend a lot of time, Ya know, working! According to this woman, I am a bad mom, because I’m on my phone a lot.

I wound up being nice to her child when he told me saying, “well kid, I am not going to have a beef with any neighbors. If she doesn’t like me, fine. I can’t say it bothers me.”

That led the child to ask why I was always on my phone. I explained the book thing, and he understood.

Ya know, I had hoped this move would be good on everyone, but I was wrong. Sanctimommy strikes again. Wait until she hears I feed my kids McDonald’s.

So, I did what any annoyed neighbor would do. I sat outside on my phone for an hour before taking to the Xbox to play Red Dead Redemption. That game is relaxing, and you get to shoot lots of stuff.

I should have been a cowboy.


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