The sky is a hazy shade of Winter

Oh boy.

It’s the first day of my least favorite season. I hate Winter. I hate the cold. I hate the snow. I also fully believe that anybody who likes these things cannot be trusted. So now, my countdown is on to the first day of Spring.

Where I live, we seem to get the worst Winter weather in late January into February. Rarely do we get snow in March, so I have about two months to go until the weather starts getting better, however, come Christmas day, the temperature is supposed to be in the sixties. That’s wonderful, and that makes me happy.

I know, dry your eyes, you who wanted a White Christmas. You’ll survive.

Secondly, the best thing has happened to be this year. I got Christmas over with. Yes, I am done with it. I handed out all presents, including my children’s, early! This means Christmas will be “just another day” for me, unless some of my friends choose to bring me shit on that day, despite my saying I don’t want anything.

My children received most of what they wanted and they cannot complain. Especially my youngest. I sent some packages off back in February (international) and one of them was returned. It was the one with a Thresh jacket from League of Legends, which my son enjoyed for a while, but has since moved on to more adult games.The jacket, however, was pretty bad ass, and he wanted it. The recipient truly doesn’t deserve it, but I being the “nice” girl I am, sent it anyways because it was purchased for them. With it back in my hands, I gave it to my son.

Finally, before I go– to the person who sent me a message that said, “Hey… Rebecca how are you.” Your profile needs to be verified. I don’t know who sent this, but I have a pretty good idea, and your answer is, I am just fine. I couldn’t be better. Most likely, we have nothing to speak about. So, don’t waste your time. You’re blocked for a reason. 🙂

And finally, I leave you with this. Did you know that I just recently found out that this song was originally done by Simon and Garfunkel?  I didn’t know. I thought it was a Bangles song.

Enjoy the first day of Winter, people, because God knows I won’t.

Hazy Shade of Winter


3 thoughts on “The sky is a hazy shade of Winter

  1. You have a sympathizer on the “I hate winter” meme. I’m a key west lover. Give me heat and humidity!. I can hunker down indoors for weeks during winter. I test the day by touching the glass on the front door and say “Nope. Not today” I start counting down on January 1st. I also don’t give useless gifts just so I can say I gave one. It has to be something that is just for that person that can’t be bought. I write piano music. and sometimes I compose and record a piece to give as a gift.


    1. Haha, that’s how I test the day too. I’ll touch the window pane and if it’s too cold, I just stay in.
      The only time I go outside is to walk the dogs, and to be honest, my dogs hate the cold. They are out and back in in less than five minutes.
      I have been counting down until late February. Although, when it starts warming up is when our first tornado season starts, although I’d rather dodge tornadoes than sit through a blizzard. I can’t say we rarely get tornadoes here. Our risk is actually fairly high, but I suppose I have been through enough of them to not freak out if the weather starts turning South.
      As far as useless gifts, I am finished this year, and I like the idea of giving written music to people. It’s a gift that has a lot of time and care put into it. If I could read or write music, or play any instrument, I would do that. (I am the talentless one in my family. Everybody can play everything. Me? Nope.)

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      1. Then you are probably a good listener. I’ve
        never lived near tornadoes but before Pa I lived in Key West for ten years and we
        always feared the hurricanes but at last we had days to prepare as we watched it. I only went through one bad one. I think the entire island was under water except my block and since I didn’t venture out I didn’t know for two days. That was a shock.


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