I lied when I said I wouldn’t do it (a few months ago)

Filed the police report yesterday. A part of that process is certain people have to be notified.

I know I said I wouldn’t, and I made that promise, but nobody else keeps their promises, so why should I? Besides, I have to get my money back somehow.

I know, I know, “But you don’t really need it.” That’s not the point at all. The point is you stole from me, and I want it back, and since you two have no intentions of ever making it right, and paying it back, I’ll go a different route to get it.

See, here I will get it. You may run into some issues like being arrested the second you step into the country if you can even get into this country, but how does that affect me? It doesn’t. I got what I wanted, and that feels good. He should know what it feels like to get what you want, right?

I remember her whining at me that this would ruin their lives. That I would be an asshole if I did it, and she was so in love and my notifying the police and the embassy would destroy their relationship.

Look at me.

Take a good look in my eyes.

Does it look like I care? Besides, lessons must be taught. Consider this discipline. Maybe your little boy toy will think twice before stealing. 🙂 Stealing is wrong.

And don’t think it’s me getting retribution. I had no intentions of bothering with “ruining” your lives, until I found out there’s an easy way to get my money back without having to beg you. By proxy, it hurts you. It can ruin your life.

If you had only just paid me back, it wouldn’t have happened.

Quite poetic.


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