No, not me. But I shall tell you a story.

There is a woman I know who is roughly my age. For near two years, she pined after somebody, but that person wound up being a lying, thieving, con artist. The thing is, there was a guy who adored her, but he always maintained distance, because he wanted her to be happy, and the entire group of friends thought that the lying, thieving man was into her (he should be an actor, I tell you.).

The day came where the truth was found out, and that night he let her cry on his shoulder, and being her typical self, she quickly realized just what she was missing out on, so she bedded him (authors love that word. “Bedded.” It sounds much nicer than “fucked,” yes?) That night started a one-way trip up, and the circle of friends knew that those two would wind up together.

But fate had other plans.

He was killed three weeks later.

She has since closed herself off, refusing to even consider any other man, because as she said, they may have had only three legitimate weeks together, but they really did love a lifetimes worth, and she wants nobody else. She plans on being independent.

Until recently his cousin, who has been there from the get-go approached me and told me that he and the man had a conversation, not a week before he passed, where he asked if anything should happen to him, that he take care of her. He promised he would.

So, we come to now, and he has told her about their conversation, and in that, asked her to marry him, so he could take care of her.

She has no answer. She has no words. She has enough money to take care of herself and her family, but in all honesty, she will not love again. She doesn’t want to. She does care for this cousin of her deceased lover, because he is family. He is part of their clan.

We are all touched by the offer, and as good as I am with advice, I’m afraid I can offer none here. A part of me hopes she can find it in her to say yes, even though she really doesn’t need taken care of.

And this cousin knows that her heart will never fully belong to him. He is merely filling his part in an agreement made several months ago.

We all stop to wonder what our Mohican would have wanted (it was our nickname for him), even though we know the answer. He isn’t here. He cannot love and take care of her, and there is one person who he wanted to fill that void in his absence.

Oh, Mohican. You have made this so hard. We still love you. We always will.

Hopefully, my friend can spit an answer other than “Uhh?” at some point.

Being reminded of our little Mohican


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