Re-writing the past/It’s the truth to me


I was asked about somebody today.

“Hey, whatever happened to X person?”

My first answer?

“Who? I don’t know anybody by that name.”

They say:

“Yeah, you used to talk to them all the time. They looked like this X hair, X eyes, giant nose. That guy that was on the cover of your book! What was his name?”

My answer?

“No, I think you’re mistaken. I have never known anybody like that.The guy on my cover is based off of *dude from X game*”

They say:

“I know you based your character off that, but Becks I’m starting to worry about your memory loss. Have you had it checked recently? Temporal lobe damage…”

I interrupt:

“Okay, yeah I just didn’t want to talk about it. They died a while back.”


“Oh my god! How?”

Myself? I say:

“Car wreck. Don’t worry about me. They were more of an acquaintance than anything. Besides, they were one of those scammers. Remember the girl who bashed my book to no end without reading it at all? Kitty?”

They say:

“Oh, I remember that. Don’t let things like that get to you. What about her?”


“I spoke to her a while back after he died. As it turns out, he tried conning her too. Wanna see?”

*Shows screencaps*

They say:

“Wow. Some people haven’t any shame. Sorry to hear about his passing, but you dodged a bullet.”


“Don’t apologize. It doesn’t affect me any. My world is better.”


It is the truth to me. It’s the truth to us, and sometimes it is for the best.



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