Letting go

It’s the sixteenth. This will be the shittiest day of the month for me for a while.

Back in February, I had a death of a relative that was very close to me, and needless to say, I do not do well with a loss of any sorts.

But a few months ago, I had a dream I was in their house, and nobody else was there. It was just me, and it was so quiet. I was looking for something of theirs to take with me to “remember” them by, and finally, I went to put my shoes on to leave, and I was quite upset.

Then the radio started playing on its own. The song was “Let That Pony Run” by Pam Tillis. Anybody who knows country may think this is an odd song, but it wasn’t, because it was just the chorus that started playing.

“You do what you gotta do, and you know what you know, you hang on, til you can’t hang on, then you learn to let go…”

Let That Pony Run–Pam Tillis

I fully believe that he came to me in my dream to try and help me move on.

There was another song that played, and the title isn’t subtle at all. I think it was the title alone, “Letting Go” by Suzy Bogguss.

Letting Go–Suzy Bogguss

It’s been several months, and I am still working on letting go. The good news is that I smile more than I cry now when I think of them.

Eventually, I’ll get to where it’s nothing but smiles.

Until then, I’ll never forget you guys, and will keep you very close to my heart until we meet again.


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