When I was your age

Man, all this protesting takes me way back.

I remember the time back in 2000 when my high school class got up and walked out because we were angry that Bush beat Gore by winning the Electoral Vote, and not the popular vote.

Oh, we walked right out, and we stood hand in hand, blocking the roads because we disagreed with the results, and wanted it our way.

We started a petition, demanding the EC vote for Gore instead, and we promised we’d find the money to pay for any fines they got when they didn’t vote for who they were supposed it.

We broke stuff in our communities and set quite a few fires. Even our teachers were kind enough to offer us pizza, play doh and hugs because they knew we were very upset and just couldn’t even right then.

It’s because of us that Gore wound up getting the vote in 2000. You have us to thank.

What’s that? That didn’t happen?

You’re right. It didn’t. See, we were all disappointed, but we quickly got over it and focused on our studies so we could get into college and actually WORK (no safe space needed). That way, we would be able to get jobs and have marketable skills throughout adulthood.

Honestly, if any of us had been that childish that we tried to do that, there would have been consequences or our teachers would have just told us to stop being big babies and get over it because it was a fair election.

This generation is a bit embarrassing. You are achieving nothing except making yourselves look like the biggest bunch of babies in this country. You won’t get Clinton in office acting this way. Trump won. Get over it.

Wanna know why he won?

Take a good, long hard look in the mirror.

That’s why he won.


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