I told you so (Trump Victory)

I have been saying for several weeks now that Trump would win, and that the election would be very close. I never strayed from those words, even when people condescendingly patted my head and said, “Uhm, no honey. Clinton is going to win in a landslide. All the polls, and projections show this. Sorry, this will be the first time you’re wrong.”

For those that don’t know, I began “predicting” winners since 1992 (I was nine), and I have never been wrong. I’ve also never been wrong on how the election plays out. Back in 1992 I said Clinton would get it and it wouldn’t be close. In 1996 I said Clinton would get it easily. In 2000 I said Bush would get it but it would be very close. Even when people were trying to say Gore was winning, I stuck to my guns and said that he wouldn’t. Finally, after the recounts, Bush prevailed. In 2004, I voted Kerry, knowing he would lose. In 2008, I called Obama. In 2012 I called Obama, but I said it would be close. That was one of the first times I felt I could be wrong.

I only slightly felt that through this election.

Now that Donald Trump has secured the election, mainstream media like CNN, and plenty of the public have found themselves going, “What went wrong?” They all had Clinton projected to win with very high certainties. What went wrong you ask? Do you really want to know?


Clinton was so certain she would win. Her campaign, the DNC, all so certain it would be a landslide that she didn’t really go much into her policy, and when she did, the woman was so corrupt, you couldn’t tell if that’s what her platform was. She flip-flopped numerous times, but they were CERTAIN she would win. That’s where you went wrong. When you get that cocky over anything, you are bound to lose.

Where else did you go wrong? The disenchanted, former democrats were not about to fall in line after you so openly stole the primary from the candidate everybody loved, and so many wanted. Truth be told, Sanders could have beaten Trump. Even some people on MSNBC (the station besides CNN, that deep throats the Clinton campaigns penis so much that I felt it necessary to remind them to swallow.) mentioned that Sanders could have done it.

Her hubris, even after the emails came out about how they acted against Sanders, was enough to do her in.

Basically, I TOLD YOU SO.

Now you will have four years of Trump, but I ask this of you. Give the man a chance. No, I’m not happy with it, and yes I voted for him, but I must remind you I live in Illinois, they handed that state to Clinton before votes were even counted. I could have shit on the ballot and it would have come out the same way.  There isn’t a thing you can do now, except try to give the man a chance, stay active in politics to ensure your senators don’t do anything stupid because we have a republican controlled house and senate now. Basically, The GOP runs all branches of the government. That I did not see coming.

Also, you’re not moving to Canada. Stop flapping your lips. Half of you saying that still live with your parents. If you can’t move out of there, you certainly won’t make it to Canada.

Congrats Trump, and let this be a reminder to future nominees, Hubris can be very powerful, and if you let it get too big, you are doomed to fail.


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