Justice for Morgan Angerbauer

A news story has begun making the rounds that absolutely sickens and disgusts me, but what sickens me more is that hardly anybody is talking about it. So today, we are talking about it.

Twenty-year-old Morgan Angerbauer was an insulin dependant diabetic from Texarkana. She was arrested for drugs and a probation violation. The probation she was on was for drugs. These are non-violent drug offenses, and anybody who knows me knows I believe most drugs should be legal, and if not, we shouldn’t send them to jail. They need rehab.

The few days leading up to July 1st, her blood sugar became dangerously high, ranging up to 500, and she was only given insulin one time. Throughout most of the day on June 30th she had pleaded for help, begging for her sugar to be tested and to be given insulin. The nurse refused. Her defense was that she missed her medical call, and if you miss that you have to wait until the next one. The thing is, Morgan was very ill and passed out (other inmates verified this) during her medical call.

Around 4am on the morning of July 1st, the nurse finally goes to check on Morgan, who is passed out in the cell. She tries to wake her, but she is severely unresponsive. From there, the nurse checks her sugar, or tries to and is given an E-3 reading, which means “off scale high” or “too high to read.” Instead of immediately giving her insulin, or contacting emergency services, the nurse proceeds to squeeze a tube of straight glucose down her throat.

Morgan becomes even more unresponsive and gray, but the kicker of all of this is that nobody contacts emergency services. Nobody thinks to get her to a hospital, even though the entire day before, her blood sugar readings were dangerously high to indicate a medical emergency.

Morgan died that morning. Her cause of death? Diabetic ketoacidosis. Her blood sugar at time of death was 813. The nurse was severely neglectful. She ignored pleas for help, but that’s very common in jails. They don’t care about you if you’re an inmate.

The nurse has now been arrested for negligent homicide, which is a class A misdemeanor, but if you ask me, everybody in that jail should be charged. This did NOT have to happen.

I am tired of the way inmates in jails are treated. Don’t give me that, “Well, you shouldn’t have gone to jail,” bullshit. Half of the people in jail shouldn’t even be there. Even if you should, workers at a jail have a duty to protect the health of the inmates because your health should be a basic right.

Another reason your health should be protected is a story of mine. I spent two weekends in jail. There were 14 girls in my cell at one point, all using the same toilet, and nobody had any soap to wash their hands with. I asked repeatedly for soap, but I was told, “this is jail, not the hilton. Shouldn’t have gone to jail.”

Is it any surprise that when I came out, I had contracted MRSA? If you are one of those, “Welp, you shouldn’t have gone to jail,” people, I will have you know that I do interact with the public. I go places. I sit in the booth you’re about to sit in when you go out to eat. I walk past you. I cough, I sneeze like every human out there. I caught MRSA in jail, and I can easily pass it on to several people, without even meaning to. Here in my area alone, quite a few people have contracted MRSA since I came out. These are your “law abiding” family members who are catching it. (Law abiding my ass. I know you speed, download yourself some free music and movies, have a few beers and think you can drive. You’re just a pretentious hypocrite.).

Back to Morgan.

Everything I said can be verified easily. Her family released the video of her final moments in jail, and it’s absolutely disgusting to watch. The whole incident lasted over an hour. Forty-five minutes passed before anybody called 911. The video is edited for time, but all the important bits are there.

I’m happy the nurse is being held somewhat accountable, but everyone who came in and out of that room (barring the inmates. They can’t do a damn thing. They can’t even get help.) should be held accountable. Any one of those jailers could have called emergency services. I am not a nurse, but I can tell within the first few minutes that this is a medical emergency and she needs a hospital, not some untrained nurse shoving glucose down her throat (way to block an airway, idiot.).

I will link the video here, but you have been warned that it is highly disturbing. If you don’t want to see someone die before your eyes, I wouldn’t watch it. Just take what I said and go from there.

We need serious jail reform in this country, especially Texarkana because this is the THIRD death in a year. Michael Sabbie was one of them (he kept pleading that he couldn’t breathe, that he had pneumonia, but they maced him and beat him anyways. He died later in his cell.).

This video is disturbing. If that bothers you, please don’t click this link.


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