Election season drama in America.

Oh my God, I bloody hate presidential election years. It brings out the most intolerant, and hateful people, and shockingly, I’m talking about the Liberals and Clinton supporters.

Firstly, a nice reminder for you: I do not usually speak politics. I will not go into my personal views (aside from who I may or may not vote for, but don’t expect my reasons why) and I do not debate politics. So, if you feel the need to leave a hateful comment, just know it will go unread and ignored.)

It boggles my mind that out of all the people qualified to run for president in America, we managed to say, “hey, these two are our best choices right now.”

Actually, we didn’t say that. There was that little bit of a DNC scandal that kind of just shoved a candidate into our faces, even though we wanted the other one. That’s right, I was a Sanders girl. I still am, even though I am disappointed at how he flip flopped on Clinton. First, he said she wasn’t qualified, now he is saying we have to unite and vote for her because “do you want Trump in office?”

That is the only reason to vote for her that I get from her supporters. I have yet to hear a reason why I should vote for her aside from, “but do you want Trump as president?” I have asked several times and they always list why Trump is bad, and why I shouldn’t vote for him, therefore I have to vote for Clinton.

No, I absolutely do not. Don’t give me that lesser of two evils business either, because if you really wanted me to vote the lesser of two evils, I’d have to vote Trump. I know I just got a load of confused people girding up their loins to leave poorly written comments on why I’m so “stupid” and they just “can’t even.”

Hear me out, and get ready for a nice lesson in politics.

Trump is the lesser of two evils for a few reasons. Firstly, the majority of congress hates him. Seriously, democrats and republicans alike can’t stand the guy, and I’m not sure if you are aware but when a president wants to do something he has to have congressional support. Presidents cannot write laws, that is delegated to congress, so you people saying, “Trump will make it a law to kill all the gays/Muslims/women, etc” are horribly in the wrong. That is, and I am sorry to say, just a scare tactic Clinton supporters like to use to get people to vote for her.  If Trump wanted to make that a law, he would have to get Congress to support his idea, and they would have to write it. Sure, he could try to do an executive order, but even then congress and the supreme court have some says, and it wouldn’t ever fly. Basically, what I am saying is that if Trump were in office, he would be a lame duck for four years, and we wouldn’t be any worse off in four years than we are now. We would most likely be in the exact same boat. I can’t say the same for Clinton. Combine that with this whole seemingly new cold war with Russia, and she could be pretty dangerous. She’s done a lot of wrong, and we have proof that she lies (what politician doesn’t though, amirite?) and is really into “rigging” stuff. 🙂

Now, another point of mine is that I am not voting for either. Right now, I am flip flopping between Johnson and Stein. Do they have a chance of winning? Not really. Is it a wasted vote? Nope, because this is MY vote. In this country I am allowed to vote for the person I see fit, regardless of whether they have a chance of winning. It isn’t wasted in my eyes, so I will more than gladly vote third party for the first time in my life. However, the real kicker of all of this is I have NEVER once been shamed by a Trump supporter for going third party. Never. All they say is, “well, you vote for who you think would be best. They aren’t going to win, but if that’s what you want to do, go for it.”

I don’t get that from Clinton supporters.  I get, “Dude, a vote for X is a vote for Trump! Do you want Trump in office? How stupid can you be? Have you even looked at their policies? It just boggles my mind that ANYBODY could be so stupid and support them when it’s clear Clinton is the right choice! I swear some people shouldn’t be allowed to vote!”

For the record, I copied and pasted that from a reply to one of my comments on facebook. This person is supposed to be a “friend” of mine. Then again, this is the same person who went on a blocking spree with any Trump supporters on his friend’s list. You keep on sitting in that echo chamber, buddy.

You know how many Trump supporters have blocked me for supporting Sanders “Evil socialist! He is a socialist! He’s a commie! How can you as an AMERICAN support that?” (Another copy paste job). Take a guess how many?


He had made a status (and I see so many of these. If you have ever posted anything like this, I question your intelligence) that said, “If anybody supports that SOCIALIST Sanders, UNFRIEND ME NOW!”

Do it yourself, you stupid cock. Yes, I did say that to him, and he promptly unfriended and blocked me. Really, if you have ever blocked anybody, or stopped talking to someone because they supported a different candidate than you, you’re kind of pathetic. There will always be people who think differently than you. That’s called life. It’s also called being intolerant (looking at both liberals and conservatives here. Yeah, Liberals have gotten pretty damn intolerant. That’s a reason I left the party!)

It’s just insanely dramatic and the fact that there are people out there willing to toss life long friends out of their lives because they don’t support the same candidate is ridiculous. I used to be like that, but I hit thirty and realized I was acting like a big crybaby who needed her safe space echo chamber in order to have conversations.

I don’t want to be like that. If you’re cool, I’ll be your friend.

If you’re an intolerant asshole, then I don’t want to talk to you.  That goes for both sides, and I’m sorry to be the one to tell you liberals/progressives, but you have become far more intolerant than the right could ever be.

And this is coming from a lifelong progressive.


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