Airline Amy!

I met a flight attendant who’s name was Amy.

“Off the Deep End,” anybody?

Am I so old that I connected these things in my head?

Listen up you younguns, back in 1992, a man known as “Weird” Al Yankovic put out a parody album (This one was his SEVENTH) called “Off the Deep End.” On this album, there were plenty of parodies of well-known bands, like Nirvana! Surely, you have heard “Smells like Nirvana,” correct? If not here you go:

Rawk on

On this same album was a song called, “Trigger Happy,” that I particularly enjoy singing when the topic of gun rights come up.

It annoys a lot of people

Weird Al had a lot of songs. I actually have a story involving my awesome former OBGYN. I was scheduled for a c-section with my last pregnancy, and I was prepped for surgery. My amazing OBGYN comes walking in and starts talking to me about the usual surgery stuff. When he gets behind the curtain, before touching anything, I suddenly hear him, “Let me see, that IV, here we go, time to operate, I’ll pull her insides out… I’ll pull her insides out and see what she ate!! Like a surgeon…”

This is a good time to mention that my OBGYN and I had a great relationship. He was one of the best doctors I have ever had, and I owe him one of my children’s life. He and his wife were really good people. So don’t go whining about how that’s horrible. I thought it was hilarious, and it put me more at ease about having my gut sawed into.

The point of this, is when you are a huge fan of Weird Al, and you grew up with his music (I grew up with ALL THE MUSIC) and you know every song, when you meet a flight attendant named Amy, his song “Airline Amy” will pop into your head. Thankfully, she was aware of the song when I looked at her and said, “My mission is to get you in an upright, locked position!”

Airline Sexual Innuendo

If you don’t know who Weird Al is, and I don’t see how you could not have heard anything by him, considering he’s been at it for over thirty years!

And on that note, I leave you with this, youngsters.

Get offa my lawn!


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