Quick Day One Update

If you aren’t aware, a lot of authors like to drop little Easter Eggs into their books, kind of like some game companies do with their games, and I am no exception.

“Subject Alpha” has a couple as does “The Second Fate,” however, they aren’t that easy to spot. While I think the few in my second book are easier, I do love hearing from people who have spotted them.

Here’s a hint: In “The Second Fate” there is a reference to one of my favorite musicians, but that reference is also a reference to somebody I used to know. Now, unless you know me, you won’t get the second half of that reference, but you should get the first, and who it is I am talking about. 🙂

People get surprised when they find out that he’s one of my favorite musicians.

Enjoy the hunt, and look for that with other authors you read. You’ll spot some when you weren’t even looking, now that you are aware that they are there!


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