“The Second Fate” New book, cover reveal!

First up for today is that the legalities of the old “Subject Alpha” cover have been squared away, and I may now use it, without worry that a certain someone could decide he wanted to get extra money off of me (This is why you make people sign legal documents and always have a lawyer on standby.). So, the old and better cover for “Subject Alpha” is now back, and it’s there to stay.


Secondly, the new cover for my new book, “The Second Fate” is finished, and here it is!


What do you think? So far, I have had nothing but positive comments on it. That being said, “The Second Fate” will be available on amazon in two weeks, so be sure to look out for it. I’d like to take this time to say that it is a bit different than “Subject Alpha.” It is not romance centered, although there are romantic elements to it.

I hope you pick it up when it comes out!

Finally, my “brudda from anudda mudda” (brother from another mother AKA one of my besties) is in the path of a very strong hurricane. Keep all those affected in your thoughts and prayers until this storm passes.


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