Updates and more updates!

To start with, if you have been following the news on the impending kratom ban by the DEA, you will already know that it has been postponed for a while, due to many congressmen submitting Dear Colleague Letters that expressed their concern, and the public outcry that the DEA was on the receiving end of. According to the DEA, they are preparing to open the topic up for a “modified” public comment session. This doesn’t mean we have won. It does mean that our voices are being heard.

Unfortunately, several congressmen (the ones that didn’t sign) have sent letters to their constituents filled with misinformation and DEA ass kissing. It is very clear that they have done no research and are only parroting DEA talking points.

One of these, in particular, is Diane Feinstein, a democrat from California. Thankfully, she is not my congressman. One of mine, I actually spoke to personally, and he did listen to my concerns and wound up signing the letter. Thank you, Mark Kirk. As of now, you have my vote.

But Back to Miss Feinstein.

Several people called her expressing their concerns, and you know what she did? She started having her interns pass along the message of, “Miss Feinstein agrees with the DEA that kratom is an immediate public health threat, and agrees on it being placed on the schedule one list. She is no longer receiving messages on this topic. Thank you for calling!”

For real, Miss Feinstein? You didn’t even attempt to listen. You showed a severe disdain for your own constituents who YOU REPRESENT. I promise you, Californians will remember this come election day, and most likely, you will have lost a lot of voters. Perhaps it is time for you to go home, and stop being in politics. Politics is listening to your constituents, and unfortunately, a lot have  forgotten that. No worries, Miss Feinstein. You are in good company with my other senator, Dick Durbin, who I have yet to hear anything from, and no he didn’t sign the letter. Funny, you’re democrats, and you claim to be all for the people, but you have shown us otherwise.

I do wholeheartedly thank the other senators and reps who listened and signed the letter, particularly Pocan and Salmon, who started the snowball that has been rolling ever since.

If you ask me, I think it is time we abolish the DEA and the FDA. These organizations do nothing but nanny adults who can make their own choices, and who can accept responsibility for the things they do. An example would be raw milk. The FDA demands nobody touch it, nobody sell it, but you know what? We are all aware of the dangers of it, and if we still wish to drink it, that is entirely up to us, NOT YOU. The FDA has had their eye on kratom for quite some time and speaking of, the DEA tried telling a few of us that they weren’t responsible for the ban, that it was the FDA and we should call them. Nice way to show your sheer incompetence. What I don’t understand is that alcohol is far more deadly than kratom could ever dream of being. It kills thousands of people directly, and indirectly. It causes numerous health problems, but the DEA and FDA seem to have no issues with what alcohol does, yet when it comes to kratom, they wave those fifteen related deaths in ten years like it’s a huge deal, like it’s the most deadly thing in the country (but they don’t tell you that 14 of those had other medications or alcohol in their system as well, and the other one, look that up yourself.) at the moment. I do feel we have the chance of winning, though.

In other news, I saw a movie! I never go to the theater, but I did two weeks ago, and I saw the new Blair Witch! I won’t put any spoilers in here, but for the first hour, I thought the Blair witch was a dinosaur. A better title for it would have been “Blair Witch Boo: Book of Jumpscares.” They were so cheap and laughable, and it was awful. I rate it 2 out of 5, ONLY because the last thirty minutes were fairly intense, even though the movie wasn’t clever enough to go the direction I thought it would go. *ugh*

Lastly, in two weeks, my next book, “The Second Fate,” will be available on amazon! If you’re interested in a twist on Greek Gods, cowboys and time travel, keep my book in mind! I’ll have more information on it the closer it gets to time for its release!

Until then, don’t forget that “Subject Alpha” is still available on amazon for only 99 cents. You can find it by clicking this nice link I put here for you. 🙂

Until we speak again, keep your heads up, chins up and keep fighting!



3 thoughts on “Updates and more updates!

  1. Ok I have som research to do. I’m pretty knowledgeable about things, especially drugs – but what and why is kratom? and yes, I don’t do movie theaters either. Why pay to watch when is easier


    1. Kratom is a plant leaf out of Asia (mostly Indonesia). It’s taken orally (sometimes it’s made into soap. I haven’t used the soap though.) for pain, anxiety–among other things. The best thing about kratom is you get pain relief without the awful side effects you get from conventional narcotics that your doctor would prescribe.
      Case in point, several years ago, I was on Lortab 10s for my back and my EDS. I wound up getting addicted and had to go to rehab, but when I came out, I was miserable. I was in horrible pain and laid up on the couch most of the day. I couldn’t do anything. Tylenol and other OTC meds did nothing, so I had a choice. I could either go back on the pain pills and spend my life zoned out on the couch, and run the risk of being an addict again or I could stay in pain and basically stay on the couch. It was then a lady I worked for told me about kratom, and I tried it. It worked wonderfully for pain and I can actually get up and do things, lots of things! I don’t get the fuzzy brain fog. I don’t get tired and sleep all day. It really is a little god send of a plant for me.
      However, the DEA, when I made this post, was out to ban it, claiming it’s as bad as heroin and that only junkies used it to get high, that it was dangerous, etc. You know how the DEA can be.
      Now, nobody is saying kratom isn’t addictive. It can be, but the withdrawals I have found, aren’t nearly as bad as narcotics. I have had days where I didn’t need kratom, and the worst side effect I’ve had a was a headache (kratom is related to coffee), and to be very honest, my withdrawals from caffeine are much worse than kratom (I am a terrible caffeine addict. I’ve been working on cutting down though.).
      I think the DEA was surprised to find that kratom users are regular everyday people, with some being elderly retirees just trying to live as best as they can throughout their twilight years. Thankfully, they allowed public comment, and so far, they have withdrawn their intent to ban, but the fight isn’t over. They could easily try to ban it again, so people like me have to remain diligent in the emails to our public officials.

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      1. Interesting.I’m surpriseI didn’t know about it. I’ve been on pain meds for a very long time. I went the roller coaster ride of and percocet and about 8 years ago my dr me on methadone. I had hep C for 40 years. Went the whole 9 yards with cirrhosis, liver cancer, transplant in 2012.People usually just think liver problems with hep c but I was pretty bad off. Neuropathy and pains in places no one knows why. It caused osteoporosis. My back fractured and a herniated disc that makes it hard to stand up more than 20 minutes. The law of cause and effect got me good – all from being stupid and doing drugs in my early twenties. The reason I say this is I told my Dr yesterday that I really want to get of the methadone and it scares me. But I don’t think it works anymore. It doesn’t help my back. 6 weeks ago I had surgery. I fell and crushed my shoulder and elbow (damn osteoporosis). It was a complicated surgery and he told me to not be too optimistic. Lots of metal. But as long as I can play the piano and type (instead of swyping on my nook) and braid my hair I’ll deal with it. Even after 6weeks there is still a lot of pain and swelling. I’m saying this because the hospital couldn’t get me out of pain. They even IV’d dilaudid and no effect. They said I had developed a resistance to narcotics, some fancy name I don’t remember. I am so tired of being a slave to pain meds. I like methadone because there is no high. But after 12 hours that’s all the longer I can go before other effects start. But I told my Dr I have to see what I’m really feeling. Methadone is one of the worst to detox. It take a long time. Do you know what a spinal cord simulator is? Its put up your spine. You can regulate electricity inside. to confuse your brain from feeling pain. I have one of those too. It feels good but the pain is still there. I am so tired of pain.Well, I’ve dumped a bit on you! Its just that I have so much to do with life yet. Lots of plans and dreams and I don’t let this stop me but it sure is trying to!

        A lot of my music is in minor keys and from the titles you can tell they are about pain. melancholy. If you listen to any. Closey our eyes. Headphones to block out noise. My music is all improvised. I don’t listen when I play. I crawl into the piano and let it play me. I record when I play and listen back 2-3 dates later. My latest piece I uploaded to soundcloud is Picking Up Broken Pieces. That’s me.


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