DEA, USA, We have a problem.

I am about to get a little personal with you all. I have Ehlers-Danlos, and a spinal defect that can cause me a lot of pain. Nearly ten years ago, back in 2008 I was a severe pill addict. I would get 120 Lortab 10s, and they’d be gone in a matter of days. I finally went to rehab, but I was still in a lot of pain. I finally found the herb kratom, and it did a wonder for me. It took my pain away, and I was able to function without the awful side effects of narcotics.
Now, there is a misunderstanding about Kratom. It does not get you high, and there have been no legitimate studies proving it harms anybody, in fact a few have stated that it’s safer than narcotics like Percocet, which is one of the drugs I was on so many years ago.
Because of this, the DEA is wanting to put Kratom as a schedule 1, which would effectively stop any research on it to prove if it has any potential benefits, and it would put people like me back on the pills, where I couldn’t even interact with my children because I was so “gorked” out.
I am asking you all to sign this WhiteHouse petition so that we can get a response from the government and possibly stop it from being made illegal.
Kratom has saved countless lives, my own included, and if it is put as a schedule 1, people will die. People like me run the risk of turning back into pill addicts. All this will do is kill people, or turn them into criminals (because putting marijuana and heroin as a schedule one totally stopped that stuff right? I mean, you can’t find it ANYWHERE! 😮 )
#KratomSavesLives #NoToSchedule1 #DEA #Murika #HerbalMedicine #DareISay #BigPharma


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