Of all the songs I could have done…

In my downtime, I enjoy singing with my friends band at the bars they regularly play at, and one night we chose to do a different song. Afterwards, we were asked about it, so I explained the song and it’s translation to those who asked, and ever since then, we are always asked to do it.

Out of all the good Macedonian songs out there that I know, I managed to introduce Studeni Noze and their fairly genius song, “50 Marki/Coca-Cola.”

If you haven’t heard it, and I’m certain you most likely have not, it’s a song that in a nutshell, is about a man who learns from 100 dollar hookers. He takes a woman home from a bar, the sex breaks the couch, and she takes 50 marki ($100 from him.) Later on, a woman wants to have sex with him (opa-iha) and he tells her, “sweet sister sex isn’t free” and charges her 50 marki.

The music is very catchy, and honestly as silly as the song sounds, it’s actually quite genius.

However, there are songs like, “pusti kosi,” “visoki stikli,” and “od ovoj den” that are even better, but I managed to locally introduce a song about learning from hookers.

God bless America.

I’ve provided the link if you wish to expose yourself to the earworm from Macedonia.



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