Let’s get down to business

…. to defeat the Huns! (If that’s how you finished my subject title, I automatically like you!)
Anyways, first things first. “Subject Alpha,” is free, once again, until Tuesday, so if you’ve been wanting to read it, now’s the time to get it! It won’t be free again for a few months. Not my rules, it’s Amazon’s. I would gladly drop it to free for good, considering my next book, “The Black Summer Rain: After Midnight” will be out soon…
That is if I could get to work. See, I rarely watch television, and when I do, its usually shows or movies I have already seen, like “charmed.” The reason is, if I find a new show I like, I will binge watch it.
And damn it, I have discovered, “Orange is the New Black.”
God help me.
For those who don’t know, I spent five days in county for something I wish to not discuss. Its in the past, and those closest to me know the real circumstances. So, don’t assume.
Firstly, the women I met there are some of the nicest, loveliest women I have met. Some shouldn’t have been there, and some should have. Some there just made mistakes, and were quite accepting of what had happened, and let me tell you, they helped me. I hadn’t ever been to jail, and I really should not have been there (the justice system isn’t as wonderful as you may think), so I didn’t know the first thing about what to expect. Thankfully, those women were there. They made my time bearable, but that’s a story for another day.
OITNB is the most unrealistic show I have ever seen, but man is it entertaining. Although, it’s hard to find a likable character. Characters I thought I would like, I wound up despising, and in return, characters I started out not liking, I wound up liking (crazy eyes, red and pensatucky!)! I won’t go into details, but what they did to pornstache.. .. the wrong thing done for the right reason is still the wrong thing. I find myself cussing that show more than I’ve ever cussed a presidential debate.
So, I am nearly done, and soon the new season will be out, and with any luck, I’ll have the new book finished completely.
If I could stop watching this show.
… don’t even get me started on “the walking dead.”


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