Јанко горенов owes me money!

….still waiting on that assbag former friend of mine to pay me back the $400 he owes me.
I said I wouldn’t sue you. You said you’d pay me back, and I have all the time in the world. Do you really think that I’ll eventually just give up? Not gonna happen. That’s not how this works. At this rate, I’m about to put your info out for the world to annoy you.
I’m not a nice person. I used to be, but you ruined that.
So, Janko, about that money that I gave you to do a job, and you didn’t do it, and ran off with the money to do something that you lied to me about.
Can I have that? Do you even have a job, or are you now just mooching off your relatives since I’m not there for you to mooch off of?
The laptop, the car stereo, the tires– I helped you with close to $2000. The least you can do is pay back the $400 I gave you for a job, you little thief.
His idea was block all the contact routes, but you forget I have your phone number too.
Tell you what, we are probably taking another euro trip in the fall. If I don’t hear from you, I’ll just stop by.
Don’t believe me?
Just wait.
Money please. Now.


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