Number 27!

Thank you to everyone who has picked up a free copy of my book. I seem to have made it to number 27 in sagas on Amazon.

Its surprising, and wonderful to hear, so thank you very much. I hope to have new material out at some point this summer, but mind you, it will be different than Subject Alpha.

I was told I should tell more of myself, because some have expressed an interest. I’m not sure why, but they have. I figured most would learn about me through my incessant complaining on this blog.

A tidbit of mine is I have an autistic child, and you know what? I can’t stand people who say autism means damaged. My son isn’t damaged. He is so smart, and just recently made honor roll. Talk about being a proud mum!

I will get this out of the way. No, vaccines didn’t cause it, and neither did gmos or gluten or whatever the new scare of the week is. Vaccinate your kids, for God’s sake.

My other child is an avid gamer. If there’s a game, he’s going to play it, and probably beat it. I don’t do that, “no video games, lets be mindful and do crafts in our tv free room instead,” crap. If it’s one thing I can’t stand, its sanctimommys. I also allow this child to play pretty much whatever game he wants, and we let him see deadpool. He’s eleven. Now is where I have tons of people frothing at the mouth, ready to type out a poorly written response as to why I am such a terrible mother.

If you were about to do that, don’t bother. See, I saw that movie too, and the hilarious aspect was every one was flipping out over the sexual content, particularly deadpool getting butt plumbed by his lady on women’s day. That scene was implied and it was barely ten seconds. Twenty if you count the montage. Yet, nobody said a word about the violence in the movie. There is a scene, where he shoots people and their heads explode. There is brain matter on the ground, yet that’s not what concerned everyone. I found that hilarious.

Now, I was raised in the ancient 80s and 90s, and I was allowed to watch pretty much anything I wanted to, however, if boobs or butt came on, I had to turn my head until it was over, but when Jason Vorhees gutted a girl, that was okay.

I think boobs and sex are the least of my worries and my kid is old enough and mature enough to know about it, and what it constitutes.

So long story short, butt out. You do you and yours, but try not to get sanctimonious with others. Nobody likes a sanctimommy.

Have a great day!


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