Dearest Ex Bestie

I suppose we are even now. I warned that I’d not speak of you again, but I was reminded of something today, and now I can’t stop laughing.

See, I lied to you too.  I’m sure in a while you’ll find out what it is in regards to.

Oddly enough I lied to her too, only because the sentimental part of me felt she shouldn’t suffer because of your idiocy, and cruel nature.

Then I lost someone dear to me.

That’s when I realized, during my hiatus that I don’t care, but today I heard his voice in the back of my mind, kindly reminding me of what I lied to you about.

Then I laughed. It is deserving after all, on both ends. You deserve this. I deserve to laugh.

This life isn’t the end. He will always be with me, whether in my memories, or spiritually. I will always have him. I will always have my brothers and sisters (blood isn’t the only thing that makes people family). You know, these guys around here once called you a brother. So did he. That’s the part you should feel bad about, but you don’t. You’ve carried on like you have done nothing wrong.

And that’s why I laugh because I lied to you too. You deserve any bad that happens because of that lie. Karma is a funny thing.

And laughter is the best medicine. It’s what keeps some of us going. So don’t mind me. I’m too busy laughing.


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