JCHS Class of 2002. Indians forever.

Firstly, yes our mascot was the Indians, and if anyone shouts racism, or cultural appropriation, I will find you, and throw something at you. Consider the fact many of us are native descent, and your whining is hearby moronic.
But that’s not what I came to speak of.

No. As you all may be aware, last week, another classmate of ours left us. He was rear ended by a, what I presume to be a distracted driver, while on his motorcycle. He didn’t make it.

First up, put your phones down. I am merely speculating at this point, but it’s a known fact that drivers using their phones cause too many accidents. So, put your phone down. It can wait.

However, I must gloat on my class. We graduated fourteen long years ago, and the man who passed, didn’t actually graduate with us. He had to leave in the middle of high school to care for his ailing mother, who passed in 2001.

And now he is with her. Finally able to see her like he has been waiting to do for the past fifteen years.

Even though he didn’t graduate with us, he was still an Indian. He was still a part of us, and we all reconnected once social media became a thing. He wasn’t any different. So, when we heard of what happened, our class banded together, once again, taking donations, mainly for flowers from our class as a whole, but we hoped for a little extra to give his family to help with costs. He was young. Just 31 years old, and at that age, we all presume we have a lot of time left, so nobody thinks of life insurance, or pre funeral planning, and funerals are expensive. I’m not sure how much the average cost in America is, but I once read that it was around $6,000. Even his obituary had an in lieu of flowers, asking for donations to help with costs, and we didn’t expect to raise as much as we did.

After it was all said and done, we purchased a $30 arrangement, and was able to give his family, $315 to help with costs. I know in a sense, compared to costs, maybe that’s not that much, but it was more than we anticipated, and because of all of this, I am so proud of my class.

I have shared this quote before, and it fits here. Rest in peace, Mark. Enjoy the Yahtzee game with your mother. We will miss you.

“That which belongs to fellowship and love, that which belongs to the circle, remains with us. The wheel turns. As life is a day, so our brother has passed into night. Nothing is final, and we who remain behind know that one day, we will once again share the bread and wine with our brother.
O’ blessed spirit, we bid you farewell, for you await a new destiny.”


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