Niche erotica, starring people you don’t like

Chuck Tingle has inspired me to start writing niche erotica in my spare time, and it will star characters based on people I don’t like, because I am immature.

First story will be gay, possibly dinosaur, or objectum sexual based, starring a tall, long haired, slender Balkan with a large nose who will be seduced by a large, sexy water tower. Afterwards a pterodactyl will swoop in, and take him to his nest, and– what’s that? Someone already did the pterodactyl thing?


Okay, well after making love to the water tower, a …. centaur will whisk him away to centaurville, where he meets the… half ape, half horse man of his dreams, and they get married, and pop out a couple of centaur babies. Then Yankow, our protagonist, finds out that the centaur is cheating, and he divorces him and moves to Los Angeles where he meets a sexy fender that belongs to Ice Cubes Bentley. After a particularly hot scene, the fender whisks him away to the Bahamas where he is eaten by a shark.

Sounds ridiculous?

Its not any more ridiculous than what Chuck Tingle puts out!

Yes, I read the jet plane one, and two others out of curiosity.

Just… I can’t even explain it. Just read one. Or go to YouTube and find a dramatic reading of it. The guy is getting popular. I guess that’s the way to get successful. Don’t write an amazing epic, or a fantasy, or a story where you kill everyone (looking at you Martin).

Niche erotica is the future.


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