People don’t forget. Nothing is ever forgiven.

You know, Red Dead Redemption is full of amazing quotes for a game that features a dumb cowboy for a protagonist. Don’t get me wrong, its one of my favorite games, and I love the Marston family, but one has to admit he lacks brains.

Today, I thought of something. Its been near two months since I last spoke to that Macedonian moron. That half ass apology on April 2nd doesn’t count, and I realized, aside from some deaths (I am not speaking of it. Its not wise to mention the dead) my life has gotten significantly better. No longer has my time been consumed by a moron with horrible music taste (only listening to ONE genre automatically makes you have no taste. Sorry.), who hasn’t played any good games (RDR? Chrono Trigger/Cross, FF6, Dragonage origins, Fable 2, Earthbound, Mother- -he’s never played them), and frankly he has the personality of a dustbin. He’s about as deep as a July puddle in Arizona. That leads into- –

The fuck was I thinking? I know what he was thinking (*cue Shane McMahons theme*), but my lapse in judgment is embarrassing. Not just that, but really he wasn’t that attractive either. I tried boosting his ego (he faked low self esteem) by saying he was attractive. Silly girl. Really, you aren’t that attractive, but at this point you could be 1990s Brad Pitt, and what you’ve done makes you uglier than an exploded pimple. You’re evil, sir. Evil enough that I can bad mouth you to the world and not feel remotely sad about it. Maybe when a real apology pops out of your mouth I’ll bad mouth others.

One question though, is there trouble in paradise? I hear the relationship is on the rocks (you will never be privy to who I get my info from. I know more people than you care to believe). I had to laugh when I heard about that.

But enough wasting my precious breath on you.

I spoke to a real friend, and I’ve decided to do a list of the best things to come out of every country I care to name.

Example: Britain could be tea. Ireland could be Guinness. Germany could be bratwurst. Denmark would be Aqua (Barbie girl song), Sweden might be Abba, and Macedonia would be… … uhhh. .. Vlado Janevski?

Clearly the list will be more comprehensive and should be fun to put together. So, stay tuned for that. Also, my next THIS IS DEEP, is coming. So, prepare yourselves!

Be well, guys!


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