Put your scissors down, Atropos!

More losses.

I am really starting to hate 2016.
Firstly, my idol as a teenager, the 9th wonder of the world, and first female intercontinental champion; WWE’s Chyna, was found dead two days ago. It upset me tremendously. She was my idol. I respected her more than the other women. While they were doing bra and panties matches, she was fighting men, and tossing them like ragdolls. Her physique was unlike the others. Instead of a slender, feminine frame, she had muscles and strength and that’s what drew me to her. Unfortunately, her stint didn’t last long for various reasons but she left a lasting impact in the business. She paved the way for intergender competition (I do wish they’d do it more). Her downfall was horrible to watch. She went from being an idol, to making porn and getting involved in substance abuse, and it affected her behavior. That being said, she was a wonderful person. She did a lot for the women’s division and whether you liked her or not, you have to respect her, at least as a champion.
According to various sources, she had been dead for days before she was found, and that’s heartbreaking, to know she died alone, and God knows what was going through her head. All we know is it was a possible overdose, intentional or not, nobody knows, but it pains the soul to know that days went by before she was found. I will always remember her for the woman she was in the ring. In fact, one of my favorite matches was her hardcore match with Jeff Jarrett where she won the IC title for the first time. That’s right, she held it TWICE. She was also the first ever female participant in the royal rumble. When I think of women’s wrestling, I always think of Chyna. Its a tragic loss. I must say, I pray she finally gets the recognition she deserves and gets put in the hall of fame. HHH and the other corporate members can no longer say porn is why she is excluded and not being considered, since now Sunny has done porn (with her HOF ring on, and this is after she tried to sell it) and she remains in the HOF. Time will tell, but if any woman deserves HOF, Its Chyna.

Then the next day, we learned that iconic musician Prince was found dead in his home in Minnesota. I admit, I was not a Prince fan, and I only liked two to three songs of his, but I will not deny how talented he was. He was influential, and from my understanding, an overall wonderful person. Even though I was not really a fan, admittedly the loss is devastating.

Then today..
Dear God, today, the third day in a row…
Firstly, I went to a small high school with less than 500 students in the whole school. In fact, my graduating class had less than 100 students. We all knew each other, and while we didn’t always see eye to eye, we usually got along. It was rare to see a fight, and truthfully, we never really had exclusive cliques. We all held a common love for each other, whether we agreed or not, and I have been told that makes my class and school unique. So, when one classmate dies, it really does affect us all. We all usually know the person well, and it saddens us all, leaving us devastated.

Today, we lost a man named Mark Baier. He was killed in a motorcycle wreck in Marion, Illinois on route 13. I do not know the specifics, nor do I care to, but I pray he didn’t suffer. It devastated me to hear he was gone, and while we didn’t talk as much as we did then, I still cared for him. I still felt close to him, as did the rest of my classmates. He was a wonderful person, with a heart of gold, and truly, the world lost a good man. Our class is banding together, as we usually do, even 14 years after graduating, to send flowers and offer prayers and help to his immediate family. I believe to some, that makes us weird, but to me, it makes me proud to be from Johnston City, Illinois.
Oh Mark, I know you won’t see this. Right now, you are probably joyously reuniting with your mother, who passed while we were in school. I remember that. You were devastated. Now, you can finally see her, like you’ve wanted to for so long. While I wish we could keep you here with us, perhaps you are happy where you are. I am rambling, but dammit Mark, we will miss you so damn much! We loved you. We love you still. Fly high, Mark. We will not forget you and we will see you again some day.


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