Interesting development

I received a message from a girl today, or last night rather. I just saw it today. Apparently she has been following my blog for a bit, put two and two together, and sent me caps showing that the ex bestie had done the same to her about two months ago. She didn’t know about the other girl. She didn’t know about me. Luckily for her, she followed her intuition, unlike those of us who try and give people the benefit of the doubt.

Today’s message, always follow your intuition.

My intuition said this guy was shit. Red flags were going off right and left. Now, it’s been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt, leaving me and the new friend wondering, how do you sleep at night? You’re horrible.

And no, I won’t bother showing his girly friend this. She’s so young and believes that so long as he loves her it doesn’t matter what he does to others.

Typical of very young girls. I was like that at 18. Now that I’m 32, it wouldn’t matter how much he claimed to love me, or how much I loved him. If he wronged anybody else like that, it would be over. That’s the best part about growing up.



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