Денес над македонија

Someone is being sued.

We took the trip to the closest embassy for our appointment today. First up, I love Chicago. Even though I live mere hours away, I’ve never been here. It is an amazing town! Crazy traffic, but it is a great place.

The people at the embassy were great. They were apologetic about what had happened, and took down everybody’s information, and my legal papers. At first, there was a misunderstanding, and they thought I was suing the country as a whole. It made for a good laugh and ice breaker, because I have to admit, I was a bit intimidated walking in, but they eased my anxiety, and we chatted about the past two years, and what brought me to this point. They did say that they hoped this instance wouldn’t keep me from ever visiting the country, and I promised that no, it wouldn’t. Some day I will. It truly is a beautiful country, with some amazing people, minus the one I used to know.

After they gave me some forms, I said my farewells, and thanked them for their hospitality. Because of them, I firmly believe most Macedonians are good people. I just so happened to befriend the one shit head in the country. Talk about wonderful luck, yes?

Mind you, the ex bestie still has until May 5 to respond on my end. I’m not sure what the embassy will do until then. They did not say, but they were not pleased.

Do I feel bad? Not yet. This was mere preemptive information as part of getting our ducks in a row.

Now, it is time for Chicago deep dish pizza!


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