A friend just told me that the ex bestie unblocked his profile, but kept messages off. Odd. I can only assume this means one of two things.

One would be he’s merely spying. Which says somebody still cares and feels bad.

The second reason is he’s working up the courage to speak to him about making the situation right.

So dear ex bestie,  I say to you– talk to J. He promises to be civil. He also promises that he won’t unleash vitriol on you. He wants to make this right as much as I do, and there is still a chance to prevent litigation. Do you think I really want to sue you? A part of me still cares, mind you, it’s a tiny part, but it’s there, and I know, we all know, you still care. You’re just playing hard ass and trying to keep what little you have left.

You said you had hoped one day I could forgive you. The only way is for you to try and make it right. I know you better than most (sorry, K. I do.) And I know the guilt is eating you alive, and you are so confused right now. You want to make it right. You want forgiveness. That happens through you. Do you understand? Stop being a baby, and talk to someone about making it right, because believe it or not, Karma is very real (she stopped wrestling though. Now that was a female wrestler. Hehe. Get it?) And unless you make it right, karma will come for you. She’s also known as Nemesis. Again J, you don’t have to talk to me. You can talk to my friend. No need to bother involving me. He can relay messages about how you intend to make it right. He did like you though. He is more forgiving than I am, and is willing to be civil. He also promises that unless it is related to repayment, he will not speak of me.

And that’s what’s best for business.

You unblocked him, so use the opportunity.


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