“Subject Alpha” has a new cover!

My book has a new cover! Yes, this one is a little generic (content is still the same), however the cover had to be changed for very good reasons.

It turns out my Macedonian male cover model was a thief, and he has no remorse about the theft. He claimed he would repay me, but has not actively tried to communicate with me on repaying what he stole. Unfortunately, this means litigation. I know someone associated with him is reading the blog, so I say to you, this litigation will stop the moment he puts his big boy underpants on, and communicates with me about repayment. Not you, not his mom, not his dad–it has to be him.

So dear readers, I am certain you understand. With ever climbing sales, it is best I keep these types off my book. I didn’t know about his true personality at the time, but lesson learned. Remember, analyze everyone, and in the words of Steve Austin, don’t trust anybody.

Retaliation? Partially. I had been asked before about him, as others had expressed an interest in him posing for them. You can bet after this, they received emails, and screen caps. I don’t think he will be getting any calls any time soon.

Sorry not sorry. That’s what kids today say, right?

Anyways, be sure to check out subject alpha! Right now, only 99 cents on Amazon!



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