If you’re reading this

I’m sure you are wondering why the strange message and the blocking.

I lied, honey. I said I wouldn’t do it, but I have to. It sucks when people lie and play with emotions doesn’t it?

Then again, maybe I won’t. Truth be told, I never much liked you. I tried. You aren’t that bad. Naive, yes, but not a bad person. One day, you will understand. He lied to you, but you weren’t willing to listen to everyone who could vouch for it. Again, one day you will understand. Youth and love blinds people from reality.

Sorry, it has to be this way, but we all feel you were only being friendly to protect him. Which is another sign of his cowardice. You, him and his family are blocked on all sock accounts, and it would be wise if you all maintained distance from all of us. We need time. We forgive no one just yet. Especially me. I can’t. I may someday.

So, farewell to you both. Good luck. Once project Ambrose is executed, you’ll need it.


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