Oh my son, my blessed son

Yesterday, my son and I expressed an interest in shitface farthead (that’s the ex beasties nickname today) continuing conversing with the son. To be fair, the son liked him. So, I made mention to the girlfriend (convoluted story) tell the ex friend because the ex friend is still a coward and refuses to talk to me at all. I was okay with the idea, because my son isn’t me, and my son understands.

Until today.

He woke up with revenge on his brain and made a vow when he’s grown up, he’s going to find this guy and make him pay. I was laughing as I joked with him, then I realized, my son may very well be serious.

I know it’s amusing right now, and people laugh, but imagine if my kid lets this stew for seven years, and trains in combat, and in seven years, hops the next flight to (insert broke second world nation here) and goes through with it? That’s the kind of story they told in ancient times.

And that’s the story I’m going to write, whether or not my son grows up and brutally maims my ex friend. I won’t be able to stop him. He’ll be an adult and capable of his own decisions.

Look out ex bestie. You have seven years.


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