My friends are brutal

In the latest installment of this sordid tale that is my life, my friends (real friends, not that sorry Macedonian that was my friend) created a Facebook account (it’s probably their 50th sock account) and compiled all the screen caps from my phone, and pics he had sent, and publicly outed him as the liar he is.

What else are they doing? Let’s just say he may wind up single. Then again, this is a Danish tart that looks like she smells like a dumpster. She may be just like him and think he was clever.

The universe has a way of working itself out, and when it doesn’t, take matters into your own hands, and ruin lives if you have to. Its perfectly acceptable.

What do you get when you cross a Macedonian and a Danish tart?

Who cares? Whatever it is, it will be a nasty, foul smelling,  Greek history stealing, pot smoking metal head.


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